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Cocoa Processing by African Coffee and Cocoa Company Limited (ACCC Ltd.)

African Coffee and Cocoa Company Ltd is a Sierra Leonean company based in Kenema, Eastern Province. Our operations stretch across the three Eastern Districts of the country, namely, Kenema, Kailahun and Kono. They focus their activities on trading with the local coffee and cocoa farmers.


In addition to local trading, ACCC Ltd is also putting in place a cocoa cleaning, drying and grading facility as well as a unit for processing off-grades into cocoa butter. The inter seasonal down time of cocoa will be filled by coffee grading using the same, adapted, machinery.


ACCC Ltd has an extensive certification and training programme. They are currently working on certifying 10,000 farmers with UTZ certification. In combination with UTZ, ACCC Ltd is working and Good Agricultural Practice trainings, alongside with the existing local initiatives, to improve local harvests such as implemented by GIZ, WeltHungerHilfe and Biolands.




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