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DATC is setting up good relations and partnerships with local companies in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana (all coffee and cocoa) Mali and Benin (shea nuts). These projects will make sure there will be a continuous supply of these agricultural products from these countries.    

Sierra Leone      -    Coffee and Cocoa Processing and exports 
Ivory Coast   -  Coffee and Cocoa Processing and exports
Ghana   -  Cocoa waste processing, coffee exports
Mali   -  Industrial Shea Nut Processing


By certification (ISO, HACCP, UTZ) programs we improve the liability,  traceability, sustainability and good manufacturing programs.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

All projects will be managed with a corporate social responsibility policy. By starting these initiatives in these countries DATC is injecting a boost in local economy. DATC gives local famers good prices and make sure the employee`s work under good situations. These projects are positively supported by Dutch Government. 

Main characteristics:

- Equal opportunity employer

- No child or forced labour

- ILO regulations applicable

- Health care and HIV/AIDS prevention programme.

- Protective hearing, clothing and shoes.

- Health care provider will be contracted

- Support school fees for underage children

- Safety facilities and protective clothing, shoes and hearing protection provided.

- Provide social emancipation

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