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About us


Created in 2010 in Holland by shareholders who were combining their individual strength in logistics, trade and processing with the specific know how and finances. DATC is a young dynamic company aiming to bring African agricultural products closer to the end-consumers in a sustainable way.

Dutch African Trading Company B.V. (D.A.T.C. B.V.) is a Dutch owned company with affiliates in West Africa, where we are involved in exports, processing and distribution in agricultural products especially cocoa beans and products, coffee and (shea) nuts.
DATC is located in Moordrecht, near Rotterdam, at the Dorpsstraat 18 in the Netherlands.
The affiliates in West Africa makes our company effective and flexible, because we have a strong network and a good coöperation in these countries. Via our network we are very well represented in West African countries like Mali, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Benin etc. As such we reduce the risks for our clients in sourcing, logistics, processing and financing.
DATC can offer cacao and coffee beans and shea nuts and products of these agricultural products (butter, cake, powder etc). Most of the agricultural products have a West African origin. However, we also trade in other origins.